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Hot Spot Radio's Themes

Hot Spot Radio employs a number of diverse and varied themes on its shows, nearly all of which are request-driven. Confused about the meaning of a specific theme? Refer to the list below for some examples. Have a new theme idea? Send it to Thuban!


80's Night - A listener favorite show, very simply this show showcases music from the (19)80's! To qualify, the song in question must have been released in the 80's.

90's Night - Exactly what it sounds like - on this show, we listen to music from the 1990's!

AABBCC's - Like "ABC's", but the artist and song must both start with the same letter as well.

ABC's and 123's - A two-part theme. On ABCs, songs go in alphabetical order, one song per letter. On 123's (aka "By the Numbers"), all songs/artists/groups must contain a number.

All By Myself - Songs featuring a solo artist, or a notable instrumental solo.

All Saints' Day - Taking a cue from the Christian church, we honor the dearly departed on this show, and celebrate artists who have passed on to the hereafter.

And the Winner Is... - On this show, we take a gander at music nominated for (and in some cases the winners of) Grammy Awards.

Around the World in (About) 180 Minutes - HSR takes you on a tour of the globe, featuring music from other countries of the world.

Astronomy Night - All songs or artists/groups must contain the name of an astronomical object or concept.

Best of the First - The first single ever released by your chosen artist.

Blue Collar Radio - Songs about particular professions.

Chained Melodies - Every song title starts with the final letter of the previous song's title. (Another listener favorite!)

Comedy Night - Funny music, and stand-up comedy routines by some of the greats.

DJ's Choice - A rare opportunity for your hosts to choose the entire playlist for the evening, so you get a taste of our musical preferences!

Drunken Bouncing Bunny Week - So much happening in one week, we had to combine celebrations of St. Patrick's Day, the vernal equinox, and Easter, with artists/groups from Ireland, drinking songs, or songs/artists/groups with "irish," "ireland," "green," "drink/drunk," "spring," "Easter," "bunny," "rabbit," or "egg."
Truly schizo!

Duets - Songs featuring TWO lead vocal artists.

Earth Day - Songs promoting the conservation of our ecological resources.

Extreme Hot Spot - Songs clocking in at under two minutes, or over six minutes. Nothing in between!

First of the Best - Multi-time Top 100 artists' FIRST #1 hit single.

Food and Drink - Features music about food, beverages, eating and drinking. (Related theme: A Thanksgiving Feast)

Fox Spot Radio - A rare chance for Bolo to host the show, and Thuban to sit back and relax. Foxy controls the horizontal and the vertical!

Free for All - Anything goes! No matter what you want to hear, it's all fair game!

Free Samples - Songs that sample other songs, as well as the originals.

F*** You, St. George! - Songs about mythical creatures.

High Times - Songs about drugs.

Home Sweet Home - Songs with the words "home," "sweet" or "house" in the title.

Hot Spot Math - Your opportunity to be creative, and create a mathematical equation with the songs/artists/groups you select! A bit complicated, but still a listener favorite!

Hot Spot World Tour - Songs not necessarily from other countries, but with names of locations in the song/artist/group name.

HSR's New Year's Eve Shake-Your-Ass Dance Party - Join HSR as we ring in the new year, passing through all time zones from Greenwich Mean Time to Hawaii!

I Write the Songs - A testament to the truly creative and talented, this theme features music performed by singer/songwriters.

In Memoriam - Not so much a theme as a segment, we honor a recently departed legendary person.

In with the New - The opposite of Thuban's Vacation Week, this show features ONLY music that is brand new to HSR's playlist.

Initializing... - A newer theme, all artist/group names must start with the same letter as the requester's name.

It's Raining Men! (Hallelujah!) - For men, this is equivalent to a Free for All. For women, all songs must be by male artists or all-male groups.

Karaoke Night - Songs that you might expect to hear at a karaoke bar. Sing along, no one can hear you!

Ladies' Night - Similar to "It's Raining Men," for women, this is equivalent to a Free for All. For men, all songs must be by female artists or all-female groups.

Leftovers - Thuban frequently over-preps for theme shows. This show features the music that didn't make it to air on prior shows due to our commitment to playing listener requests.

Live SEX Show - Songs all about, well.... sex.

Love Rules/Love Sucks - A Valentine's Day tradition, we bring you both sides of the coin, showing the ups and downs of love! You decide which!

MASHUP MAY - A monthlong event, featuring combinations of other themes, like "Time & Space" ("A Matter of Time" + "Astronomy Night"), "Color by Numbers" ("A Show of a Different Color" + "By the Numbers"), "Chained Ladies" ("Chained Melodies" + "Ladies' Night"), and "Stage and Screen of the 80's" ("Stage & Screen" + "80's Night")

A Matter of Time - Songs/artists/groups referencing a particular unit of time.

Muzak to Your Ears - A show featuring the music you hear on your place of employment's sound system.

Mystery Theme - A real challenge. Tune in, and try to decipher the common thread uniting the music played!

National Coming Out Week - HSR celebrates out LGBTTTIA artists, and encourages its LGBTTTIA listeners to take the opportunity to come out to their friends and family. Remember, it gets better.

Oldies Night- Songs released between 1950 and 1979.

One Name Wonders - Songs by artists/groups that go by one-word names.

Pre-AnthroCon Furry Spectacular - For furries, anything goes. For others, songs should feature an animal in either title, artist or concept.

Reelin' in the Years - Starting with a given year, one song per year up to current.

Russian Roulette - A night off for listener and host alike! A random smattering of the music from HSR's huge playlist. It's like HSR on shuffle!

Sampler Platter - A taste of a number of different themes in small, bite-sized pieces!

Say WHAT? - Songs entirely in non-English languages, proving that you don't have to understand the words to love the music!

Scary Monsters and Super Creeps - HSR's annual Halloween program, with a heavy emphasis on things that go bump in the night!

Shots - A show to raise your spirits, featuring music all about, you guessed it, alcohol! (BYOB!)

A Show of a Different Color - All songs/artists/groups must contain the name of a color. Also known as "Taste the Rainbow."

Thuban's Dance Party - Music designed to get you up, out 'the seat, especially songs with pre-established dance moves.

Thuban's Vacation Night - A chance for Thuban to relax and enjoy chat, this show features only music that already exists on HSR's (extensive) playlist.

Special Features - On this show, we play music credited as by one artist, featuring another.

Stage and Screen - Another listener favorite, featuring music from television, movies and video games.

Story Time with Thu and Bolo - Songs that tell a story.

Summer in December - A show to warm you up with summery music, even in the midst of dreary winter weather.

That 70's Show - A show featuring music released in the 1970's.

Then and Now - A theme extending over two shows. On Then, we play your request of a song that was later covered. On Now, we play the cover version.

'Tis the Season - HSR condenses all of its winter holiday music into one neat 3-hr package.

Who Are You? - Songs with a person's name in the title.


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