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Our wonderful broadcasting colleagues up north, SRN One brings you HSR "from the heart of the regions"
SRN Mediaworks is the parent company of SRN One, and without them, you wouldn't be hearing Hot Spot Radio every Wednesday night! Check out all of their spectacular programming!
The Godfather of Internet Radio Broadcasting, Frank Cotolo comes to you weekly with Cotolo Chronicles, wherein Frank chronicles life through a perspective that is uniquely his own. Thursdays at 9:00pmET/7:00pm PT on SRN One!
The "yang" to Frank Cotolo's "yin," Thom Savino brings Savino Veritas to the air every Thursday at 11:00pm ET/8:00PT, with a virtual smorgasbord of virtual reality, with sometimes startling doses of reality.
A site 20+ years in the making, is the home of Gary A. Becker's "Starwatch" articles, which have been syndicated in national newspapers and on various informational sources online. Becker (who is one of DJ Thuban's mentors in the realms of science, education, and entertainment) brings complex astronomical, meteorological, cosmological, and even sometimes metaphysical concepts to a level that any layman can understand, in an informative, accurate, and engaging manner. Give him a read!
Pushing things to the edge is what Final Frontier Radio is all about. Founded by the late great SentaiRick Busby, Final Frontier is manned by individuals that want to see internet radio taken to the next level.
>>Note: Site is no longer active, but image remains as an homage to these fine folks.<<
Are you a wild and an untamed thing, a superhero, or a domestic, a groupie, an asshole, or a slut, or a handyman... or a sweet transvestite? Come one, come all (we don't care where you come, as long as you clean it up), and join Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast Sweet Translucent Dreams monthly at the Emmaus Theater and SteelStacks, as well as all of their other shows. It's an experience not to be missed!
Only by uniting can we conquer the evil that is cancer. HSR and its listeners have lost too many to this disease. So we encourage all of you to Stand Up to Cancer, which is our preferred nonprofit of Season 9 of Hot Spot Radio.
Are you a Rocky virgin? Or a Janet-level slut? Either way, Spaced Out Sensations Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast would love to have you join us at any of our live events! Keep an eye on the website ( ) for updates on SOS's upcoming shows and events! Don't dream it... Be it!


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