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Welcome to our cave (or den, if you believe Bolo)!

After many months (years?) of planning, we've finally decided to bring you a
bit of information about us that you may not already know!

Both Bolo and Thuban are members of the furry fandom!

Bolo is known as Bolo Cutefox (aka TronFox),
Skyler is known as Thuban Windrider!

Now you can find out about us, and view some pictures of our characters,
as well as pictures from furry conventions and gatherings we've been to!

AnthroCon pictures | Art of Bolo Cutefox & Thuban Windrider

Critters we've "adopted" |Pictures of Bolo & Thuban in real life

Other furry get-together pics | Other HSR-Related Furry Art & Pics

Both Bolo and Thuban are always willing to answer any questions you
may have about our own furriness, or our perspectives on the fandom.

We also both have FurAffinity accounts!
***Be forewarned, you may find NSFW pictures on our FA accounts!***

Thuban on FurAffinity
Bolo on FurAffinity
TronFox on FurAffinity

We're always willing to accept art from inspired artists, and we'll even
feature you here on if you contribute to us!


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