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Skyler Hall, Host of Hot Spot Radio

DJ Thuban Windrider
Host, Founder

As the founder of Hot Spot Radio, Thu (as he's known to his friends and listeners) has been around since the very inception of Hot Spot Radio, and is the diligent, song-searching, tune-spinning, schizophrenia-inducing host of HSR. Whether going from 80's music to opera, or techno to metal, Thuban's main goal is very simple: to make his listeners happy.
In his private life, Thuban is very involved in his church, and his hobbies include: music (of course!), professional wrestling, science fiction, and spending time with his husband,...


DJ Bolo Windrider (nee Cutefox)

Bolo joined the show in early 2007 (in the show's first season), and HSR has never been the same since! With his unique sense of humour and seemingly endless supply of Diet Pepsi bottle caps, HSR is sure to be anything but dull when Bolo is around!
Bolo is a trained pastry chef, and if he's silent during the show, he just might be concocting something new! His interests include furry art, science fiction, culinary arts, anime, and video gaming.

Bolo Cutefox, Host of Hot Spot Radio



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