9/28 - Schrödinger's Theme, or, The Heisenberg Uncertainty Theme

Trying out a brand new theme as we bring the season to a close... But what does it mean? Let us explain-- for this theme, you can request any artist... but not a song. Or you can request a song title... but not an artist. It's impossible to know both at the same time! Make some requests, this will be a lot of fun!

NOTE: Requests are accepted ALL WEEK LONG. You do not need to wait until showtime to get your requests in!
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10/5 - Season 11 Premiere
10/12 - National Coming Out Week
10/19 - That 70s Show
10/26 - Scary Monsters and Super Creeps
11/2 - In Memoriam

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Many thanks to the wonderful people at SRN One, from the heart of the regions, for providing us the venue to come to you every Wednesday at 9:00pm ET!

Live every Wednesday at 9:00pm ET, Hot Spot Radio is your internet radio dancehall with furry/scaley/otherkin DJs, Skyler Hall and Bolo Cutefox. With a massive (and growing!) playlist of all types of music in rotation, we're always eager to indulge our listeners’ musical tastes! So don’t ever hesitate to make a request of your music to Thuban or Bolo on AOL Instant Messenger at:


R.I.P., Meiyuu. You are missed.
SentaiRick Busby - pioneer of internet radio, music lover
"Sentai" Rick Busby
(6/29/73 - 6/9/13)

Hot Spot Radio is dedicated now and always to the memory of "Sentai"Rick Busby.

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